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Creative Brand & Business Strategy

It might hurt to hear this, but as founders we very often get in the way of our businesses flourishing.  The 'messy middle' of growth is pivotal.

It's the time to decide what you want to create, how you want the experience of work to feel and your role in it.

Do you want to continue to be at the centre of everything or do you want to build the business beyond yourself?  

Do you want to only do the thing you're excellent at, or see the business as a chance to stretch and grow?

Hello Founder

You're a 6-7 figure founder and the hustle and grind that got you here, won't get you there
So shall we create some value instead?

Whatever your long-term objectives for the business, you're more valuable as fired-up Creator, than stressed out Doer-of-all-things.  The business needs to light a fire in you

Before starting The Wild Ones, I spent over two decades working in brand and innovation strategy, with businesses like Nike, Adidas, Google and Disney.

These kinds of businesses own their difference and use it very intentionally to carve out stretchy spaces, way beyond the product they sell or the service they provide. 

They know what their special sauce is and they make it tangible in their business models, products and services, brand activations, internal cultures, IP creation... 

They have unshakable confidence, the push of financial targets and objectivity. 

As a founder, you have passion, emotional investment and your own quirks and edges... but you need to start asking yourself higher value questions.

I'm Emma

What's the vision for the business that will light a fire in you?
What do you want to stand for in the world & how can you create it?
What are the equities you've built & how can we stretch them?
If you were going to sell your business tomorrow, what is it without you?

The Wilding Method™️

If you do this work alone, you rarely go big enough and you’ll struggle to notice and amplify your own magic.
If you outsource it completely, it doesn’t feel like yours. We need your passion and belief to make it fly.

The Wilding Method™️ has been designed for its journey, as well as its outcomes.

The biggest, free-from-fear vision for the business that lights a fire in you

...that’s not based on what you’ve always done, what others do, what's obvious or what’s expected. It’s what you really desire.

What you want to create, what you want to experience, how you want to grow?

What's required in the business to meet this vision and live-up to the Positioning?

Products & Services
Thought-leadership & Voice
Organisation & Culture
Intellectual Property & Innovation

Business Design for ambitious founders wanting to create value.

Think about it as a bolt of wild energy and ideas, a big shove out of your comfort zone and a roadmap for growth.  Delivered through a blend of: Creative Brand & Business Strategy X Personal Expansion.

...a platform, a central story, a unifying thought, that carves out a space, capable of fulfilling your vision.  This is the space you want to take up in the world.

...these are the assets that create value within a business, they make your unique magic real and tangible.

Client Love

Kate cawley, founder & CEO, Veris strategies & the future food movement

"If you're looking for someone to unlock boldness and put some firepower behind intentional change then there is no better ally than Emma, she is quite simply AMAZING⚡️

Emma coaches myself and the Senior Leadership team and has been heavily involved in the next stage of growth for the business: helping us to understand our positioning in the market, developing a more confident tone of voice - owning our difference, rethinking our business model and offering, through to internal culture and team. 

She recently ran a 2-day agency offsite where we workshopped how we want to create impact, in terms of climate commitments and commercially as a business.

Working with Emma has been a game changer for me as a leader and for my business. 
Run don't walk to work with her."

"Quite simply AMAZING"


Emma's coaching skills are unquestionable but the real beauty of working with her, is that you can also tap into her expansive strategic mind. She not only helped me build the plan for myself, but we were also able to work on the strategic plan for the business too. 

A rare hybrid, who has helped me figure things out. If you want to work with someone who has belief in you, offers ideas and clarity then please speak to Emma. 

She’s like my secret weapon and I’m beginning to wonder if I should share her.



" Rewild has been one of the most liberating experiences.  I wanted to level-up in my career and I needed a new perspective on how to accelerate things. I'd struggled with some mindset blocks and negative behaviours, although I wasn't that aware of them before starting this work and I certainly didn't realise how they were impacting my progress and my happiness...

The inner work, especially the EFT, has just removed them. It's made me feel bountiful and limitless.
I have headspace to think more strategically about goals and priorities. I'm a better leader and member of the team. It's given me a new energy and attitude towards my career and my future... 

If your career has been shaped by years and years of things you thought you 'should' be doing, Emma is the person to help you crack right through, to get to the heart of who you are.



"Emma is a total force of nature. She's changed everything. Fears, limiting beliefs, everything that has held me back for years, have been replaced with energy, ideas and the self-belief that I can do anything I want.

I came to coaching burnt out, full of anxiety, anger and really unhelpful and harmful thinking loops. this was affecting my performance at work, my ability to be present for my children and my physical health.  

 Today I understand my triggers, I have tools to manage stress and a whole new perspective on life and work. I'm about to sign-up for my second round of Rewilding and I'm excited to see where we can get to in another 6 months."


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