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The home for wildly passionate feminist women,
with big ambitions.

The act of getting crystal clear on what you want so you can build it.

I started The Wild Ones to create a different level of support.

If you’re a fellow wild one, you want to create impact, generate big, bold ideas, and stand for something. You’re driven by a desire/need to be excellent.

It’s a passion that can energise but also burn you out.

It happens when life gets more complicated, unproductive thinking-behaviour loops get more embedded, and when you’re caused to step up in new, more visible ways.  

You can be objectively successful and still feel “stuck”.

You can be high-functioning, and your nervous system can still be misfiring.

I spent 20 years working as a strategist in advertising, innovation and insight. I’m at my best when I’m in full creative mode - creating products and services to leverage commercial opportunities for organisations like Nike, Adidas, Google, L'Oreal and Pernod Ricard. I’ve led businesses, scaled them, and started them for others and for myself.  

My work has always consumed me. High-functioning anxiety was my superpower for years until it burned me out.  

The point is, when you can genuinely expand your mindset, nervous system and emotional capacity, you are paving the way for boldness. Combining that with big ideas and creative thinking allows you to create career-defining magic. You don't have to burn yourself out when you have the tools to use your energy with absolute precision.

Hello, I'm Emma

It's a deeply feminist act to know what you want and to go all-in to get it.

It requires you to let go of social expectation.
To be in full self-belief.
It might require you to question core beliefs.
To have the confidence to act against norms.
Even to defend yourself and your decisions.

I work with women with ambition

They know they need to:

Create their big career-defining action
Leave corporate and start a business
Craft a portfolio career around them
Fix their business, Scale it, Sell it

Today they feel on the edge of burn out, they're exhausted and more motivated to have a glass of wine and early to bed, but from tomorrow, change needs to happen.

Creating and building the thing
requires killer ideas and a robust strategy.

Knowing what you want in the first place and being open and expansive enough to play with possibility, is the real work.

Nervous system regulation
Deep personal connection: values, wants, needs
Emotional Clearing: Personal Expansion
Creative thinking
Business, Brand, Leadership Strategy

Dynamic blend of 3 core pillars

The Rewild Method ®

Mindset | Emotions | Energy

It's a Partnership.  We do it all together.
I'll hold the biggest vision of what's possible for you and support you to move into it.  We meet regularly for sessions, but I'm always here for 'walk & Talks' or quick WhatsApp chats in between.  Nothing is off the table.

Growth isn't always comfortable
In the words of Brene Brown... "In any situation, you can choose courage or comfort, you can't have both".  My job is to get you further than you would get alone.

The work is action-focused.
Expansion comes from growing the window of what feels safe. We do that by regulating your nervous system and shifting limiting beliefs, but also through action - giving you positive evidence that stretching is safe.

We go deep.
The inner work requires vulnerability and trust. We'll look at your blocks today and look at where they came from. The deeper we go, the more we get to clear out. The methods are gentle but create powerful shifts.

We get in to it all.
I've yet to meet a woman who is in struggle or who has big unmet aspirations, where the impact is only in her professional life.  We talk 'whole-life', which might mean parenting, relationships, sources of joy.

It's all about you.
I'm your supporter, sounding board, creative spark, sometimes mentor, source of accountability and giver of tough love where required, but you do the work and you're responsible for your results.  The success is yours.

What it's like to do the work

Subconscious reprogramming
Emotional Clearing
Strengths finding


Defining Success
Divergent inspiration
Scenario Planning


Client Love

Kate cawley, founder & CEO, Veris strategies & the future food movement

"If you're looking for someone to unlock boldness and put some firepower behind intentional change then there is no better ally than Emma, she is quite simply AMAZING⚡️

Emma coaches myself and the Senior Leadership team and has been heavily involved in the next stage of growth for the business: helping us to understand our positioning in the market, developing a more confident tone of voice - owning our difference, rethinking our business model and offering, through to internal culture and team. 

She recently ran a 2-day agency offsite where we workshopped how we want to create impact, in terms of climate commitments and commercially as a business.

Working with Emma has been a game changer for me as a leader and for my business. 
Run don't walk to work with her."

"Quite simply AMAZING"


Emma's coaching skills are unquestionable but the real beauty of working with her, is that you can also tap into her expansive strategic mind. She not only helped me build the plan for myself, but we were also able to work on the strategic plan for the business too. 

A rare hybrid, who has helped me figure things out. If you want to work with someone who has belief in you, offers ideas and clarity then please speak to Emma. 

She’s like my secret weapon and I’m beginning to wonder if I should share her.



" Rewild has been one of the most liberating experiences.  I wanted to level-up in my career and I needed a new perspective on how to accelerate things. I'd struggled with some mindset blocks and negative behaviours, although I wasn't that aware of them before starting this work and I certainly didn't realise how they were impacting my progress and my happiness...

The inner work, especially the EFT, has just removed them. It's made me feel bountiful and limitless.
I have headspace to think more strategically about goals and priorities. I'm a better leader and member of the team. It's given me a new energy and attitude towards my career and my future... 

If your career has been shaped by years and years of things you thought you 'should' be doing, Emma is the person to help you crack right through, to get to the heart of who you are.



"Emma is a total force of nature. She's changed everything. Fears, limiting beliefs, everything that has held me back for years, have been replaced with energy, ideas and the self-belief that I can do anything I want.

I came to coaching burnt out, full of anxiety, anger and really unhelpful and harmful thinking loops. this was affecting my performance at work, my ability to be present for my children and my physical health.  

 Today I understand my triggers, I have tools to manage stress and a whole new perspective on life and work. I'm about to sign-up for my second round of Rewilding and I'm excited to see where we can get to in another 6 months."


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