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The home for wildly passionate female founders with big unapologetic ambitions.

That comes from having absolute clarity around what you want to achieve with the business, what you want its impact to be and how brave you are in positioning it and establishing its place in the world.

All of that requires you to be showing up as the biggest, most expansive version of you, as the founder, the CEO, the creator... you're powerful when you're in full creative-mode.

That's what Rewilding is all about. Clarity finding, doubling-down on what makes you different, breaking free of fears, of constriction, of following the rules and staying in your lane. 

It's a process of honest conversations, release and of putting your brave pants on.

I want to help you create and grow the business that smashes those ambitions, in a way that feels beautifully simple and energising

I’ve spent the last two decades working in innovation, helping businesses like Nike, Adidas, Google and Disney carve out deep, profitable and category defining relationships with their consumers, through brand storytelling, the creation of new products and services and the strategic activation of their assets.

I'm a strategy Nerd with a love for creating simplicity out of complexity and of using creative ways to explode potential.  

I'm also a Coach and a Therapist with specialisms in trauma, subconscious rewiring and working with emotional and energy blocks.

It's the inner work on you as the founder and the outer work on the business and the brand you're creating, that stops you playing small, feeling stuck, burning out, accepting unhappiness, following the rules, not feeling good enough.

Wildness is the antidote to all of that.

Hello, I'm Emma

Know what you Want
Prioritise your Personal Growth 
Own what makes you Unique
Craft a Brand & Business around it

Personal Expansion | Business Strategy | Brand Sorcery | Life-Design | Innovation & Ideas

As business owners we're often looking for 'the answer', the secret formula that guarantees success and we spend a lot of time looking outside at others and doubting ourselves as a result.

The Rewild Method focuses on your personal growth and expansion... because the answer is rarely a new funnel or a strategy you haven't thought of and if it is, you need to free up headspace to have that perspective and have those ideas.

  • Deep connection with what you really want; what drives you; the future visions.
  • Identifying and deconstructing the blocks and limiters - Mindset, Emotional and Energetic.
  • Supercharged self-awareness.
  • Increased 'capacity' (headspace, resilience, ability to cope) at a nervous system level.
  • Firing up your creative brain; critical thinking and ideas.

Then we can get creative, think bigger and start to play with what that means for how you want to design your life, how we think about the business we build, your brand - what it represents and stands for, how it shows up in the world... the simplest and most impactful ways we can get a fast start on impact and success.

In short...

Connect | Define

Inner clarity on what you want, big
free-from-fear visions and goals.

Self-awareness on how your mindset stories and blocks are playing out - a clear perspective on what needs to be cleared.

Your business in the context of your life. 

Leveraging equities for a fast-start (your skills, experiences, quirks, passions; your business; your brand; your network).

Scout | Ideate

Insight generation with a view to building your business strategy on strong foundations - a resonant consumer need, credible for you to deliver, capturing a cultural zeitgeist = a sizeable opportunity.

Of course there are options... we'll play with this... different approaches, business models, ways to solve the problem.

Where is the energy? 


Let's lower the bar on perfect and done.  Innovative businesses never are and perfect is a block to action.

We activate and execute to learn and to evolve... whilst committing to working the plan in
90 day cycles.

What is the next level version of you? Business model? Brand? 

We start here and we continue to do this inner clarity-finding work throughout... because it evolves and grows as we do

I could say we 'finish' here, but (you know what I'm going to say)... it's never done, we can always iterate, change, evolve... that's the fun bit.

Client Love

Kate cawley, founder & CEO, Veris strategies & the future food movement

"If you're looking for someone to unlock boldness and put some firepower behind intentional change then there is no better ally than Emma, she is quite simply AMAZING⚡️

Emma coaches myself and the Senior Leadership team and has been heavily involved in the next stage of growth for the business: helping us to understand our positioning in the market, developing a more confident tone of voice - owning our difference, rethinking our business model and offering, through to internal culture and team. 

She recently ran a 2-day agency offsite where we workshopped how we want to create impact, in terms of climate commitments and commercially as a business.

Working with Emma has been a game changer for me as a leader and for my business. 
Run don't walk to work with her."

"Quite simply AMAZING"


Emma's coaching skills are unquestionable but the real beauty of working with her, is that you can also tap into her expansive strategic mind. She not only helped me build the plan for myself, but we were also able to work on the strategic plan for the business too. 

A rare hybrid, who has helped me figure things out. If you want to work with someone who has belief in you, offers ideas and clarity then please speak to Emma. 

She’s like my secret weapon and I’m beginning to wonder if I should share her.



" Rewild has been one of the most liberating experiences.  I wanted to level-up in my career and I needed a new perspective on how to accelerate things. I'd struggled with some mindset blocks and negative behaviours, although I wasn't that aware of them before starting this work and I certainly didn't realise how they were impacting my progress and my happiness...

The inner work, especially the EFT, has just removed them. It's made me feel bountiful and limitless.
I have headspace to think more strategically about goals and priorities. I'm a better leader and member of the team. It's given me a new energy and attitude towards my career and my future... 

If your career has been shaped by years and years of things you thought you 'should' be doing, Emma is the person to help you crack right through, to get to the heart of who you are.



"Emma is a total force of nature. She's changed everything. Fears, limiting beliefs, everything that has held me back for years, have been replaced with energy, ideas and the self-belief that I can do anything I want.

I came to coaching burnt out, full of anxiety, anger and really unhelpful and harmful thinking loops. this was affecting my performance at work, my ability to be present for my children and my physical health.  

 Today I understand my triggers, I have tools to manage stress and a whole new perspective on life and work. I'm about to sign-up for my second round of Rewilding and I'm excited to see where we can get to in another 6 months."


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