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For wildly passionate founders who want to create and grow a business they love

The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules, but by people following them.


I'm a fellow 'Wild One'... an A-type, overachieving, overfunctioning, multi-passionate, ex-corporate woman turned business owner.

I started The Wild Ones to support, supercharge and fire-up passionate founders.  To give them the belief, clarity and bravery to do things their way.

When you get it right, business ownership is a catalyst for full-bodied personal growth, a vehicle for impact, wealth creation, creative fulfilment and freedom.

The killers of wildness are:
  • Working to someone else's vision
  • Getting on the hamster-wheel of growth, with no real 'why?'
  • Letting your personal limiting beliefs dictate your business
  • Following the rules, doing it like everyone else
  • Burning out, productivity, operating at the edges of capacity
  • Sacrificing joy and happiness in the process.

Hello, I'm Emma

I've spent over two decades working with businesses like Nike, Adidas, Google and Disney, helping them create deep consumer connections, disrupt their categories and create a pipeline of innovative and commercially viable products and services.

I absolutely love the thrill and the untapped potential of business ownership, but I've had to do the work on unlearning and letting go of my ex-corporate baggage and beliefs.

When you've been schooled in delivering perfection, in hustle, in sacrificing yourself to show your commitment and in following the rules, it's hard to believe the opposite is now true.

The real magic gets to happen when you break free of all of this. 

A beautiful alchemy happens when you consciously create the business you want, you liberate yourself from the 'shoulds', the fears and the rule-book and you start playing with what's really possible.

The Rewild Method™️ supports passionate founders to build wildly successful businesses that they love. It's the work that puts a bolt of wild energy through everything.

Embodying next level belief, bravery and
Creator energy

The magic happens at the intersection of three spaces: Deep therapeutic work on your mindset, emotions and energy | Beautiful storytelling - You, Your Brand, Your Business | Innovation - Disruption and Reimagining.


Built unapologetically around your stretchiest ambitions

Owning a voice that's different, future-focused and proud
Wild success
Fresh ideas
Standing for difference 
Massive personal growth
Putting your brave pants on

How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives

Start the business
Do it your way
Break all of the silly rules
Give yourself the freedom to play

Anne Dillard

Client Love

Kate cawley, founder & CEO, Veris strategies & the future food movement

"If you're looking for someone to unlock boldness and put some firepower behind intentional change then there is no better ally than Emma, she is quite simply AMAZING⚡️

Emma coaches myself and the Senior Leadership team and has been heavily involved in the next stage of growth for the business: helping us to understand our positioning in the market, developing a more confident tone of voice - owning our difference, rethinking our business model and offering, through to internal culture and team. 

She recently ran a 2-day agency offsite where we workshopped how we want to create impact, in terms of climate commitments and commercially as a business.

Working with Emma has been a game changer for me as a leader and for my business. 
Run don't walk to work with her."

"Quite simply AMAZING"


Emma's coaching skills are unquestionable but the real beauty of working with her, is that you can also tap into her expansive strategic mind. She not only helped me build the plan for myself, but we were also able to work on the strategic plan for the business too. 

A rare hybrid, who has helped me figure things out. If you want to work with someone who has belief in you, offers ideas and clarity then please speak to Emma. 

She’s like my secret weapon and I’m beginning to wonder if I should share her.



" Rewild has been one of the most liberating experiences.  I wanted to level-up in my career and I needed a new perspective on how to accelerate things. I'd struggled with some mindset blocks and negative behaviours, although I wasn't that aware of them before starting this work and I certainly didn't realise how they were impacting my progress and my happiness...

The inner work, especially the EFT, has just removed them. It's made me feel bountiful and limitless.
I have headspace to think more strategically about goals and priorities. I'm a better leader and member of the team. It's given me a new energy and attitude towards my career and my future... 

If your career has been shaped by years and years of things you thought you 'should' be doing, Emma is the person to help you crack right through, to get to the heart of who you are.



"Emma is a total force of nature. She's changed everything. Fears, limiting beliefs, everything that has held me back for years, have been replaced with energy, ideas and the self-belief that I can do anything I want.

I came to coaching burnt out, full of anxiety, anger and really unhelpful and harmful thinking loops. this was affecting my performance at work, my ability to be present for my children and my physical health.  

 Today I understand my triggers, I have tools to manage stress and a whole new perspective on life and work. I'm about to sign-up for my second round of Rewilding and I'm excited to see where we can get to in another 6 months."


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