An intimate 1:1 experience for passionate female founders wanting to build and grow a wildly successful business they love.

Personal Expansion
Brand and Business Strategy
Innovation and Ideas

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This is for you if you're feeling pulled to create big, bold action and you need some support to do it.

You've hit a plateau. 

The business isn't growing, you aren't hitting your revenue goals, attracting clients... you're stuck.

Something has to change.

You've got early ideas and the start of something special, but you're scared to jump.

At times you feel unstoppable and at other times, you doubt it all.  You need a jolt of belief and clarity.

You know if you don't get support, you'll continue to fall into old self-sabotaging patterns and nothing will change.  

If you don't do the inner work; whether that's healing or connecting with what you really want; you'll continue to choose the wrong things.

You need a big reboot, an inner reset, so that you can more actively design the life, the career, the business, the brand that will give you what you want.

You're in a corporate role and considering business ownership, or you have a business.

You need clarity, to feel stronger, to free up capacity to think, to have ideas... you need to feel excited.

You're at the start of your journey
(maybe even 'pre-start').  

You're an established business, at an inflexion point.

You're burnt-out and you don't know what's next

You have big ambitions to create in a corporate role

You're a senior leader with a big remit and the space to create something - a new team, a department, a sea-change.

You need brave pants, ideas,
clarity and headspace.

  • 2hr. Immersive Session to get us started 
  • 90min. Coaching | EFT | Strategy sessions x2/mth
  • Strategic Frameworks and templates
  • Rewilding Playbook: Personal Expansion exercises and reflections

Deeper Support
  • Bespoke Hypnotherapy audios via Soundcloud to deepen the work
  • Check-ins via Slack 1-2x/wk
  • Access to pre-recorded Masterclasses: Nervous System | Wild Brands | Identity Upgrades
  • Copywriting inputs: LinkedIn Profile, Website, Pitch Decks... tangibles of your positioning

We'll go all-in together over 6 months

Things you need to know about me

I have two decades of brand and business experience. 
I haven't just 'done a course'.
I'm a strategic brain and creative thinker.  I’m full of ideas.
I’m a massive action-taker, I want you to take bold action.
I will be your biggest supporter.

I’ll bring my skills and professional experience, but also my life experience.  Building a business doesn't happen in a vacuum and real-life matters.

...of burnout, of corporate leadership, of making the transition to entrepreneurship and of growing a vibrant and thriving brand and business for myself - balancing it with single-parenting, high-functioning anxiety and trauma... all of the things.

As well as a powerful therapeutic toolkit, focused on mindset and emotional health.

Is this for me, if...? 
Perfect.  We'll map the options for the business, whilst roadmapping how you exit your corporate role, how you make a fast start financially, how you manage the nerves and grow your belief.  We'll actively  manage the transition at an identity level.
You want to jump from corporate to business ownership, but you don't have it all figured out. 

I get it.  Burnout has been my focus for years.  I can help you with how you feel right now, whilst we map out what could be next, because this is honestly the energiser and the game-changer, when you get it right.  This will grow your belief.
You are burning out.  You need to make a big change, but you're bloody exhausted.

"Stuckness" is a mindset and it's laden with emotion and meaning.  We'll unpick this and listen to what it's telling us.  Again, it's the healing piece alongside the expansion and the plans for different.  
You feel stuck.  In a corporate role or even in your business.
It's easy to think "I just need a new strategy" and you probably do, I'd always like to do a good review of your business and your brand.  We'll find the disconnect. Strategic Action + Personal Expansion (working on your blocks and beliefs) work is the secret.
My business is established, but it's stalling.
If this sounds like it could be for you, reach out and we can chat. There's never any pressure, it should always be a full-bodied "yes" before you commit to anything.
  • Rewild Playbook: Personal Expansion
  • 2hr. Immersive Session to get us started 
  • 90min. 1:1 sessions. 2x/month
  • 1 day of copywriting
  • Bespoke Hypnotherapy audios 
  • Slack check-ins between sessions
  • Full suite of Strategic frameworks: Brand and Business
  • Access to Masterclasses

An intimate 1:1 experience for passionate female founders wanting to build and grow a wildly successful business they love.

£8,000 +VAT (6mths) 

Full payment or monthly payment plans are available.
No VAT is chargeable for non-UK people who invoice though a business.

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