“Work hard and good things come” [and other lies our parents told us]

It probably was true at school, when your parents promised this would be the case… but then you move into the big wide world of business and it’s no longer a thing.

If you’re still holding on to this belief, you might feel disappointed, frustrated, angry. Like you’ve been sold a total lie.

If you’re relying on the attention and validation of others, to make you feel confident about what you do and to actively match you with opportunities, it might even make you feel exposed or vulnerable.

So why is this?

№1. You’re in a competitive world where lots of people have had a similar career journey, have worked for similar organisations, have the same job title. ‘Doing well’ or being the ‘hardest worker’ just isn’t enough to cut through.

№2. It relies on people noticing your efforts. Even if they do, gratitude doesn’t get you the next job. There’s even a school of thought that when you’re stuck in the ‘doing’ being useful, you’re significantly less likely to get extracted to take on the next big thing.

№3. It keeps you generic. You probably aren’t known for ‘the one thing’ that opens doors for new opportunities — the promotion, the project, the expert voice, the conference, the new opportunity. You just aren’t front of mind for anything in particular, apart from what you do right now.

№4. It doesn’t give you anything to get behind. You’re focused on what you do, rather than who you are. Your confidence is built around your job title and your organisation, or how much money you’re bringing in every month… none of which is directly within your control and can be variable.

№5. It keeps you “stuck” or committed to a certain career trajectory. “If I’m not this (job title, person in x industry) then who am I?”

So we really need a new way.

What if you knew who you were, at the deepest, beyond the job-title and the external-validation, level?

What if you absolutely knew what you wanted, what you needed and had full-belief that this was possible for you?

What if you had a personal brand that was based on the ‘truth-well-told’, that gave you something to base your voice and your visibility around?

…and you had full-belief in it, because it’s authentic?

The start-point is absolute clarity around who you are. In my work this is your Wildness Blueprint; which includes:

Your Purpose — big motivating ‘why?’

  • Core Beliefs & Values — things you need, what defines you
  • Future-Vision — where you want to get to, how you want to live, how you need to live in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values
  • Inner Resources — your skills, characteristics, experiences and ‘super-powers’ that will get you there.

Once you have this, brought together and told in a beautifully compelling way, it informs and shapes:

  • Life-design; Career Development; Decision-making
  • Personal Growth (skills, experiences, mindset…)
  • Voice and Visibility (what you’re known for, what you represent)

You still work hard, but with absolute intention and full-self-belief that isn’t dependent on others. You get to show-up as the biggest, free-from-fear version of yourself.

November 22, 2022


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